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We all know how frustrating it can be – trying on your favorite jeans from before kids, before a stressful job – before life got in the way. Maybe they are just uncomfortably snug, or maybe you can’t even fit all the way into them anymore. Either way – fitting into those old jeans can seem like an uphill battle that will never be won.
But it can be won! If you follow the basic principles laid out in these next seven steps, you could lose as much as 7 pounds in one month and be on your way to rocking those jeans from your twenties in no time!
It comes down to identifying something we call “portion distortion” – how many times have you picked up the packaging from whatever it is you’re eating and been horrified to learn that the one bag you are holding is actually 4 servings? It happens all the time – a product is packaged like a single-serving, but those seemingly harmless 150 calories branded on the front – are actually a much more damaging 600 calories in the ENTIRE bag.
We identified 5 of these in our eBook "Portion Distortion"
What You'll Get in the eBook:
  • The sneaky portion sizes that could be sabotaging your weight management
  • Our "Choose to Lose" options that can slim you down
  • The one, small change you can make now that could save you 20 pounds!